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Pub surveying for the next edition of the GBG will start once the Nominations period closes, on December 31st, 2019, and run to March 4th, 2020.

All surveyed pubs which meet the national CAMRA criteria for inclusion in the GBG will go on to be scored, and the best 57 will be selected for the Guide.

The pubs nominated so far are listed here:

Nominated Pubs - Map View

The site is currently under construction.

We are looking for volunteers to survey pubs for the 2021 Good Beer Guide

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Surveying starts on December 31st, 2019

How to Survey a Pub

Surveying a pub for the Good Beer guide is pretty straightforward, and shouldn't (once you're there!) take more than a few minutes. However, it is important we get the details right, so please make sure you check everything with someone responsible at the pub.

Before You Go

The first step is to make sure you've told us you're going to survey the pub, which you can do by clicking 'Survey a Pub' on the left of this page, or by clicking here, and adding the pub to your list.

Next, download the Survey Form with Guidelines here and read the Guidelines. If you're surveying more than one pub, you can also download the survey form on its own, from the same page.

PLEASE NOTE that the Survey Forms are designed to cover all possibilities, and the 'lowest common denominator' approach regarding data entry! This means that several fields are not required to be completed, as follows:

  • The Branch and Branch Code fields are not 'important' - in fact they're not required at all!
  • The New Entry field will be generated automatically later, so you don't need to know whether the pub was in the previous edition or not.
  • We already know which pubs are on the LocAle scheme, so this field is not required. (If they're NOT on the scheme, but would like to join, please refer them to the Branch LocAle website, where they can apply to join)
  • Permanent Beers used to be known as Regular Beers - please only include beers which are always available
  • Changing Beers. Due to GBG requirements changing faster than local IT systems are able, you will not be able to enter anything other than the number of Changing (i.e. non-permanent) beers into the online system.
  • Cellarmanship and Dispense. Despite this being extremely important, there is no guidance given whatsoever as to what it means! Norwich and Norfolk Branch Guidance is as follows:
    • Tick the first box if NONE of the Permanent Beers are dispensed using extraneous gas (CO2, nitrogen, mixed) which COMES INTO CONTACT WITH THE BEER. The 'contact' is important, as many pubs use gas-powered pumps to assist the handpumps, but the gas does NOT come into contact with the beer.
    • If any of the Permanent Beers ARE served using gas which contacts the beer, please REMOVE them from the list.
    • If any of the Changing Beers ARE served using gas which contacts the beer, please REMOVE them from the count.
    • Only leave the box un-ticked if ALL beers come into contact with extraneous gas in their dispense (i.e. the pub serves no real ale!).
    • If in any doubt, contact the Pubs Officer on

Next, take a look at the pub's entry on WhatPub, CAMRA's National Pub Guide, which can be found here: These are the details we already have about the pub, some of which, such as the address, will not have changed, and others which will need checking, such as the pub's website address, email, and phone number. These are the details you'll be updating once you've done the survey, so it may be a good idea to print them off and take them with you (we'll be making this easier next year!).

You may want to call the pub, and ask them when would be convenient for you to visit - it might be difficult to get someone's time in the middle of a busy session! However, this is not necessary, and is entirely up to you.

At The Pub

In general, it's best to buy a drink (soft or alcoholic, your choice!), and tell the landlord or staff that the pub has been nominated for the Good Beer Guide, and you're there to collect the information needed for the Guide, if they're selected. (For full details of the Selection Process, click here.)

Usually they'll be happy to give you all the information you need.

Please be aware that it has been known for scammers to ask pubs for money to be included in the Beer Guide - please ensure the pub are aware that the Good BEER Guide (unlike the Good PUB Guide) does NOT charge anything for entry. If they have been asked for money by someone pertaining to be from CAMRA or the Good Beer Guide, please let the Pubs Officer ( know.

Please also ensure the person you speak o is not left with the idea that they WILL be included in the Guide - at this stage they have been NOMINATED but not SELECTED, and may not be included.

After The Survey

Once you have all the details confirmed and corrected, please go to the Enter Survey Details area of this site, here, and select the pub. The form will be populated with the current details we have - just make any corrections or updates, and click the big blue Save Changes button!