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We are not currently actively promoting LocAle, as just about every pub in our branch area which stocks real ale sells at least one local ale.
However, if pubs specifically request point-of-sale material, we're happy to send it out, assuming they qualify.

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The LocAle scheme was created by the Nottingham Branch of CAMRA in 2007 who wanted to support their remaining brewers following the buy out and subsequent closure of Hardy & Hansons by Greene King.
They were quickly followed by York and Isle of Wight branches. It was taken over by CAMRA HQ, which has adopted the idea as a national initiative and many branches have subsequently implemented this scheme.
Norwich & Norfolk CAMRA launched the LocAle scheme, based on the original system devised in Nottingham, at our beer festival in October 2009.
LocAle as defined by Norwich & Norfolk CAMRA is for a pub to always stock at least one real ale (as defined by CAMRA) brewed at a brewery that is no more than 30 miles from door to door.
The scheme encourages pubs to sell local beers, which will reduce the "beer miles" thus benefiting the environment. It ensures more variety and diversity to the consumer, and hence better sales for the pub. The scheme helps sustain the local micro brewers and benefits the local economy.

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Updated Jan. 21st 2019
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